Car Service

All DGS services are fully comprehensive giving you total piece of mind. They exceed most manufacturers service schedules with up to 67 checks and adjustments including changing the engine oil and replacing the oil filter and the air filter. High quality parts are used such as Castrol Magnatec lubricants. Unlike some garages we are keen to highlight where you may incur extra charges! So please note that if your engine size is 2200cc or above it will require more oil therefore an additional charge of £20 will be made.

Here are some of the things will check when we service your vehicle

Vehicle history check, including customer comments and recommendations tick
Check for damage to trims, number plates, bodywork and mirrors etc tick
Checking of timing belt interval tick
ABS check including all interior warning lights and horn tick
Condition and operation of all seatbelts checked tick
Operational checks of interior and exterior lights and switches tick
Front and rear windscreen wipers and washers checks tick
Condition checked of the security of windscreen and rear view mirror tick
Fuel cap check tick
Air conditioning check tick
Top up power steering reservoir if needed tick
PAS and auxiliary and fan belts checks tick
Air filter check tick
Condition and security of battery checked tick
Clutch operation check tick
Handbrake operation and travel check tick
Gearbox oil/axel oil/transfer box oil (if applicable) checked and topped up tick
All under bonnet fluid levels checked and topped up tick
Brake fluid checked and topped up tick
Anti-freeze checked and topped up tick
Clutch fluid checked and topped up tick
Door hinges, catches and locks lubricated tick
Coolant system checked for leaks tick
Engine cooling fan checked tick
Operation of throttle checked and lubrication as required tick
Air filter replaced tick
Spark plugs replaced if needed (at extra cost) tick
Condition of HT leads checked tick
Under body inspection including checks for any corrosion tick
Engine oil replaced tick
Oil filter replaced tick
Condition and security of steering, suspension, mountings and gaitors checked tick
Exhaust system for security and leaks checked tick
Security of fuel lines, brake pipes, hoses and handbrake cables visually checked tick
Checks for signs of leakage from cylinders / callipers (if applicable) tick
Condition of distributor cap checked tick
Checks for engine and gearbox mounts for wear tick
Starter motor cranking operation and security tests tick
Visual inspections of radiator and coolant pipes/hoses for security and leaks tick
All wheel bearings checked for noise / free play tick
Condition of tyres checked including adjustment to tyre pressures (if needed) tick
Brake pads/shoes checked and recorded for condition & operation tick
Drums and discs checked and recorded for condition and operation tick
Remove wheels & check condition and operation of front and rear brakes tick
Wheels re-fitted (if needed) / set wheel nut torque tick
Final checks tick
Road test carried out tick
Exhaust emissions and idle speed checked tick
Service light re-set (most models) tick
Service book stamped
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